W. Abbott

W. Abbott, Chiropodist, at Messrs. A. & W. Paterson’s, Union Street.—

    Prominent among the professions that bear a noble mission to all classes of society in the alleviation of human suffering, that of the chiropodist is entitled to pre-eminence, in point of removal of those “pests that mar the happiness of life” — corns, bunions, and ingrown nails. Mr. W. Abbott, a gentleman of over twenty years’ experience the profession, has had consultation rooms at the well-known establishment of Messrs. A. & W. Paterson in Union Street since 1883. The usual hours of attendance are from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m., and in cases where it is absolutely necessary he will make appointments at their private office or residence provided the hour does not interfere with the stated hours of business published for his professional address.

    As the result of deep research and mature experience, Mr. Abbott is fully convinced that corns, bunions, &c., are, in some cases, hereditary, and in others, caused by the fact of children and adults being badly shod ; in other words, wearing boots and shoes which are made entirely averse to the feet. By being on his “Family Subscription List”, special terms are secured whereby both parents and children can receive attention, at periods required. For the convenience of his numerous patrons, Mr. Abbott has made arrangements whereby he will be able to superintend, by the aid of a thoroughly skilful staff of workmen engaged expressly for the purpose, the making of boots for subscribers on really first-class principles, which will insure, “combined with his attention”, entire comfort and ease in walking. Several prominent clients having received great benefits from Mr. Abbott’s treatment, will gladly testify the same as references. A detailed list of these gentlemen can be obtained on application at the consulting rooms.

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