The “Acme” Machine Company

The “Acme” Machine Company, Henrietta Street, near Bellgrove.—

           In reviewing the many great manufacturing interests of modem Glasgow it is pleasing to give prominent mention to a concern which has by the meritorious nature of its numerous specialities acquired a position of such note and eminence as that held by the “Acme” Machine Company. This important business was founded in 1881 in Bain Square, under the personal proprietorship and direction of its present principal, Mr. P. Burt, and its rapid growth and development necessitated a removal in 1885 to the commodious establishment now occupied in Henrietta Street.

         The premises here, which afford the necessary increase of accommodation to the workings of a progressive concern, are large and well situated, and comprise a spacious block of buildings of four floors, fitted up in the manufacturing departments with every facility in the way of improved plant and appliances for the effectual conduct of a representative mechanical industry. Employment of a steady character is afforded to a numerous staff of skilled workmen, including pattern-makers, fitters, turners, smiths, machinists, &c., and the establishment presents every indication of its association with a large and rapidly growing business.

           The firm are manufacturers of a wide variety of domestic machinery and apparatus, prominent among which are washing machines, clothes wringers, mangles, laundry stoves, ice-cream freezers, knife cleaners, mincing machines, &c., in all of which new and eminently useful designs have been developed, embodying many features of improvement and many points of enhanced efficacy. The great feature on which this house has mainly built up its renown is the “Acme” clothes wringer, which has deservedly won a very widespread popularity and may be said to be the wringer of the age. Another speciality of note is the “Rustic” baby carriage, made in deal, birch, pine, maple, walnut, and mahogany bodies at varying prices, all of an exceedingly moderate order and remarkable in every style for ease, elegance, durability, graceful form, and superiority of generic, workmanship and finish. This baby carriage has achieved great and thoroughly well-deserved popularity in all circles of the community. The “Acme” perambulator is another excellent article of a similar class, with steel body, and beautifully finished and upholstered.

           The company have also accomplished much in their introduction of the “Acme” combined gas engine and mincing machine (McGhee and Burt’s patent). This admirable apparatus has been specially designed to meet a long-existent want among wholesale and retail butchers for a simply and strongly constructed engine and machine combined, easily understood in its working parts and economical in its consumption of gas. This requirement it is not too much to say has been fully met by the machine in question, which occupies an extremely small space, is compact and thoroughly self-contained, remarkably low in first cost, distinctly first class in all details of material and workmanship, and will not consume more than thirty feet of gas per hour ; while at the same time it will mince twenty pounds of meat in ten minutes. These advantages have secured for it the widespread attention of the trade in whose interests it was first designed, and its sale is now large and continually increasing, as its merits become more generally known.

          The “Acme” Machine Company have numerous other specialities and patents under their control, each article possessing strong claims to notice on the score of utility, and all the manufactures of the house are produced with a care and judgment in every constructive point, which ensures their capacity to give full and complete satisfaction to the purchaser. The whole business is personally conducted by Mr. Burt with conspicuous ability and commendable energy. A staff of travellers is employed waiting upon a widespread and valuable connection in town and country, and the important home trade controlled is rapidly extending the scope of its operations in all directions and establishing itself as a first-class factor in the commerce of Glasgow.

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