Gilbert Adams

Gilbert Adams, Wholesale Pump (Slipper) Manufacturer, 32, Stockwell Street.—

    The term “pump”, as applied to slippers, &c., is not by any means particularly new, but in many districts it has almost died out. Not so in Scotland, where “pumps” are generally understood to mean slippers. The manufacture of these forms an industry that is often carried on by firms altogether apart from ordinary bootmaking, as is the case with the house over which Mr. Gilbert Adams presides. The business of this house is almost exclusively confined to the manufacture of slippers, in which branch of trade a sound reputation has been gained. The business was established in 1876, at 24, Stockwell Street, and was removed to the present address in 1881.

    The firm now occupies well-arranged warehouse and offices, and a suitable staff is engaged. The manufacture is carried on by outside hands, over 75 being employed. The firm have devoted special attention to the quality of the goods made, both as regards material and workmanship. Employing only skilled labour, they are enabled to guarantee the quality of their work. The special feature of the business consists of the enamelled seal slippers, which have become popular and are in demand in all parts. A good trade is done in every department, and the connection extends to all parts of the world, the only exception being China.

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