R. J. & R. Adams

R. J. & R. Adams, London and Continental Pianoforte and Music Warehouse, 83, Buchanan Street.—

    One of the largest and most popular establishments in this city is the well-known London and Continental Pianoforte and Music Warehouse, conducted by Messrs. R. J. & R. Adams. This extensive business, which presents many features of more than ordinary interest, has been established over twenty-five years in the present premises. The business is conducted in large and commodious premises, comprising handsomely fitted-up showrooms, warehouse, and extensive workshops. In the showrooms are many very fine pianofortes and other musical instruments by the best makers, including the celebrated Neumeyer pianofortes. This firm are the sole agents for these world-famed instruments for the west of Scotland. There are certainly no finer toned nor better made pianofortes ; their popularity is well attested by the rapidly increasing sales. Messrs. Adams have also one of the largest stocks of sheet music in this city. In connection with the establishment is also the booking-office for the Prince’s Theatre.

    Mr. Adams is the proprietor and conductor of the celebrated “Adams’s Band”, the most popular in the city, and in great request at concerts, balls, and soirees. Mr. Robert Adams, who is now the sole proprietor of this extensive business, is a gentleman well known and highly esteemed in musical and social circles, and by his integrity, enterprise, and genial courtesy has gained the confidence and support of a very widespread and valuable connection.

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