Adamson Brothers

Adamson Brothers, Photographers, 136, Buchanan Street.

           In probably no branch of the arts have more improvements been made during recent years than in that of photography, and the avidity with which these innovations have been utilised by the profession is a convincing proof of the spirit of enterprise which has always been a distinguishing feature of those engaged in the business.

          The firm of Messrs. Adamson Brothers affords a very striking example of this spirit. Their portrait studios, established only a few years ago, already enjoy a large and well-earned share of patronage. Nothing which would tend to the comfort or satisfaction of their patrons seems to have been left uncared for, and in the appointment and furnishing of their public rooms the eye is everywhere rested and gratified with the evidences of good taste, so that one is not, therefore, surprised at the artistic care with which the Messrs. Adamson finish their work. The various workrooms of the firm are fitted in a most complete manner, nothing being omitted which can facilitate the production of photographs in large numbers, ranging from the smallest miniature up to life size.

           A further proof of the enterprise of this firm is found in the almost complete state of a new department for photo-mechanical printing. This department is designed to meet the requirements of publishers, for book illustrations, advertisers, trade catalogues, &c., and when completed, will be fitted with plant to work the various processes of which photography forms the basis. This is quite a new departure for any Glasgow house, and we hope to hear that well deserved success has met the efforts of Messrs. Adamson.

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