N. Adshead

N. Adshead, Wholesale Stationer, Steam Printer, Bookbinder, &c., 11, Union Street and 51, Buchanan Street.—

    In connection with a most successful union of the trades of the wholesale stationer, printer, paper-ruler, and bookbinder, it is a pleasure to mention a house of such creditable reputation as that of Mr. N. Adshead, who occupies premises in Union and Buchanan Streets. This thoroughly representative business was founded by its present proprietor in 1852 at 184, Argyle Street, and by the year 1876 its growth and development had become such as to justify its removal to the present spacious headquarters.

    Here the stocks held are large and comprehensive. Commercial stationery of every description and all kinds of account books are special features with the house, and these two highly important lines have received vigorous development. As a printer, bookbinder, and paper-ruler, Mr. Adshead is well and favourably known not only within but also beyond the limits of Glasgow. A great amount of jobbing work is done, together with all kinds of fine letterpress printing ; the circle of custom and connection is widespread, and he issues a guide or index to the various classes of types at his command for this class of work.

    The result of his enterprise in this matter shows itself primarily in an exceedingly neat and tastefully got up little book, containing specimen lines of no less than 352 different styles of jobbing types, from tiny “pearl” to the largest size wood letters. The admirably equipped printing, bookbinding, and ruling works are situate at 46, Mitchell Street, and employ in their several busy departments a staff of upwards of fifty hands. The trade of the house is very large and extends to all parts of the country, and the business is conducted by its capable proprietor upon principles which have thus far secured and will undoubtedly retain the confidence and support of a most extensive and desirable patronage.

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