John Agg

John Agg, Union Hotel, Dunlop Street.—

    The Union Hotel occupies a central position in the city of Glasgow, being situated at the corner of Argyle Street and Dunlop Street, and within from one to five minutes’ walk of all the railway stations. This hotel has long been known as “Whyte’s Union Hotel”, from the circumstance that the establishment was founded by a Mr. William Whyte some twenty years ago. Subsequently, it passed into the hands of Mr. J. Mann, who, in turn, was succeeded (five years since) by Mr. John Agg, the present proprietor.

    The hotel is large and commodious, and the bedrooms are spacious and airy, and a great recommendation is that, being off the main thoroughfare, they are remarkably quiet. The hotel contains a well-appointed bar and commercial room (strictly reserved), handsome coffee room ; also smoking, billiard, and drawing rooms, and private parlours, together with bath-rooms and convenient lavatories, &c., on each landing — all admirably equipped. The establishment will comfortably accommodate from fifty to sixty visitors. A speciality of this hotel is that there are a suite of private apartments, partitioned off from the business portion of the house, for families desiring retirement and the quiet of a private residence. The hotel, throughout, is furnished in a first-class manner, and nothing is wanting to ensure the guests every domestic comfort and luxury, and yet the scale of charges are exceedingly moderate. There is a table d'hote daily at 5 p.m., and the wines, &c., supplied are of the very finest quality.

    Mr. Agg was himself “on the road” for twenty-eight years before he became the proprietor of the “Union”, and this fact will of itself account for the splendid style in which his establishment is managed. This gentleman and his esteemed “better half” exercise a strict surveillance over each and every department, consequently the concern is worked with the system and regularity of a machine. Tram-cars and omnibuses, plying to and from all parts of the city and suburbs, pass the hotel almost every minute. Mr. Agg is a gentleman who is not merely an energetic and clever man of business, but he possesses personal qualities which render him eminently popular with all who are brought into contact with him, and it is no exaggeration to say that he is universally esteemed by all who know him.

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