W. L. Aim & Co.

W. L. Aim & Co., Blythswood Colour Works, 10 to 14, Bothwell Lane, and 97, West Campbell Street.—

    The paint and colour manufacturing trade of Glasgow and the West has an efficient representation in Messrs. W. L. Aim & Co., who were established twenty-one
years ago by one of the present proprietors, the sole partners at present being Mr. W. L. Aim and Mr. Ritchie Lennie. Their premises at West Campbell Street, extending into Bothwell Lane, are very large, and heavily stocked with an immense variety of paints, colours, brushes, varnishes, and general painters’ requisites of every description.

    The firm has been favourably known since its commencement for the excellent quality of the goods sent out and does a widespread trade, principally over Scotland, where several travellers are kept constantly at work. The Messrs. Aim & Co. have a great and increasing capacity in this business, their manufactures are, long ago, an established necessity in the markets of this trade, and as makers and merchants of paints, colours, varnishes, cements, mastic, &c., they enjoy a high reputation.

    The Messrs. Aim & Lennie are both gentlemen of experience in the trade, and retain the favourable recognition and warm respect of a wide and valuable connection.

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