Aitken, Campbell & Co.

Aitken, Campbell & Co., Manufacturers and Warehousemen, 161, Ingram Street.—

    This business was founded in the year 1847, at the head of Candleriggs, by the firm of Meikles, Aitken & Co. was removed to Glassford Street (No. 26) in 1850, and continued there until 1885, when it was transferred to the present premises. The original partners were Thomas Meikles and James Aitken. The latter took the business into his own hands about the year 1860, and continued it until be died in 1874. Thereafter his widow and sons continued the business until January, 1881, when the present managing partner, Mr. John Campbell, took over the business.

    The trade is chiefly in Handkerchiefs— Royal Reds, Turkey Reds, Scotch Lawns, Printed Borders, Ginghams, Romals — in all sizes, styles, and colourings, Turkey Red Twills, Cambrics, and Damasks, also Window Hollands. The firm sell only to wholesale and shipping traders. The house has made rapid progress during the last seven years, and lately opened a warehouse at 36, Fountain Street, Manchester. The concern is noted for the cheapness of its goods, and in many respects holds a unique position in the trade.

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