Alexander Brothers

Alexander Brothers, Artists and Art Photographers, 88, Renfield Street.—

    Messrs. Alexander Brothers are well known throughout all the west of Scotland as artists of exceptional fame and ability. The late John Alexander, the father of Messrs. Alexander Brothers, and who, in fact, founded the business some thirty-three years ago (in 1855), was a miniature painter of great ability, and acquired a widespread reputation ; and he had three sons, all gifted like himself in the use of the brush. One of them has passed away, and the other two represent the firm now under notice. It was as a painter on ivory that the father chiefly excelled, and the sons take after him in this special art. In 1860 the photographic branch was added to the business, and it was about this time the three sons joined their father.

    Their establishment in Renfield Street is a most interesting and attractive one. The principal apartment contains some finely painted windows, and the interior is adorned with a numerous variety of art treasures, comprising, in addition to choice specimens of the photographic art, portraits in oil and water colours, miniatures on ivory, &c. This studio is specially devoted to the painting from life, and is kept separate from the photographic branch of the business. The entire suite of apartments, however, are handsome, and elegantly fitted up, and their contents are almost unrivalled by any other establishment of the kind in Scotland. The business of Messrs. Alexander Brothers is not simply first class, but is most varied and extensive, and the connection comprises the elite of Scotch society in the West.

    The Alexander Brothers have in years past carried off the highest honours wherever they have been represented in the various art exhibits throughout Scotland. In a notice of their work at the British Association meeting of 1876, the leading journal of the day stated that “These artists occupy a foremost place in the pictorial ranks of Scotland.” But it may be said that their efforts have in this year, 1888, culminated in the finest display of purely artistic work they have as yet submitted to the public. These works are entirely removed from the ordinary character of photo exhibits, consisting of portraiture in oil, water colour, and crayon, the chief of which represent well-known and popular personages in Glasgow and neighbourhood. But the work in itself is what will excite most attention, being chiefly remarkable for “harmony of colour”, “delicacy of touch,” and apparent truthfulness of detail.

    The oil and crayon portraiture is mainly the work of the elder brother, Scott Alexander, while the exquisite results in watercolour on opal, ivory, &e., emanate from his brother James. These pictures will be shown in the Grand Hall of the International Exhibition, and will doubtless add to the high repute of these distinguished artists. Messrs. Alexander Brothers have associated with them in the business two nephews who have evidently inherited the family gift and who take a very active share in the management of the concern. The studio of Messrs. Alexander Brothers is a credit, not merely to Glasgow but to Scotland, and the firm thoroughly merit the high reputation they have achieved.

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