Alexandra Hotel

Alexandra Hotel, 148, Bath Street.—

    In all great commercial or shipping centres, or in fact in any large city or town, the hotels are justly entitled to special mention, for there can be no subject of greater importance to visitors, whether bent upon pleasure or business. The hotels of Glasgow are far famed, and among the foremost of these a very prominent position is held by the celebrated Alexandra Hotel, one of the most commodiously arranged and comfortably appointed hotels in the United Kingdom. This magnificent building was erected in 1877 as a first-class hotel, and in 1887 was taken over by Mr. J. Fritz Rupprecht. It was then rearranged, newly decorated and renovated, and fitted with all the most modem improvements requisite in a really first-class hotel.

    The premises form a large rectangular block of buildings in Bath Street, and comprise four spacious floors about one hundred feet long by fifty feet wide. There are necessarily all the usual drawing, dining, smoking, billiard, and other rooms, in addition to the various private sitting rooms, &c. The hotel includes no less than sixty splendid bedrooms. The general arrangement and style of furnishing is of a very superior order. Nothing has been omitted that can in any way tend to enhance the comfort of the numerous patrons of the establishment. Mr. Rupprecht personally superintends every department. The staff he has engaged has been carefully selected, and the system upon which the hotel is worked is one that cannot fail to make the establishment highly popular with all who once patronise it.

    What people look for in hotels is comfort, and therefore to this branch of the subject the attention of the proprietor has been specially and strictly devoted. Since Mr. Rupprecht entered into possession the hotel, has become a favourite resort for marriage parties, select private dinners, and other social gatherings. The house is well suited for these celebrations, and so well have they been conducted that they have given perfect satisfaction to all concerned ; so much so that the proprietor has made this branch of his business quite a speciality. The “Alexandra” is located in the healthiest and quietest part of the city, and being replete with all the most recent appliances, and ranking among the foremost hotels in Glasgow, it is patronised by a very influential circle of visitors from all parts of the world.

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