A. & J. Allan

Messrs. A. & J. Allan, Cheese Dealers, Ham Curers, Butter and General Provision Merchants, 108, 110, and 112 Candleriggs Street.—

    For very many years  the old established and well-known firm of Messrs. A. & J. Allan has occupied an influential position in the general provision trade of this city. This extensive business dates back in its foundation to the year 1835. Originally in East Nile Street, it was removed in 1849 to the present premises. Messrs. Allan occupy very extensive, and commodious premises, which comprise a large warehouse, attached to which is one of the largest and most complete curing establishments in the trade. This firm receives large consignments of ham and bacon from Ireland and other parts in the fresh state, which here undergo the process of curing, with all the advantages arising from their long practical experience.

    Messrs. A. & J. Allan hold a large and valuable stock of cheese, of prime qualify, including the best descriptions of Cheddar, Dunlop, American, skims, Gouda, Wilts, and Edam ; also bacon and hams of their own curing. Ayrshire and Irish rolls, American flitches, shoulders, jigots, Belfast-smoked hams, Sinclair’s, Coey's and other well-known brands. The finest beef and mutton hams. Butters, Irish firkins and butts, American, Kiel, and Danish ; States and Canadian flour, in barrels of 196 lbs. and bags of 140 lbs. ; also margarine, in which they do a very large trade, dealing only in the very best qualities, Irish and Scotch oatmeal, barley, pease, brose meal, kitchen fee, lard, &c. In the curing department and warehouse a large staff of experienced men are constantly employed, the business being conducted throughout with marked ability, energy, and enterprise.

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