Robert Allan

Robert Allan, Hosier, Glover, and Shirtmaker, 140, Argyle Street.ó

    The premises have been occupied by Mr. Robert Allan for eighteen years. They comprise a good single shop, elegantly fitted up and attractively arranged with well selected stocks of hosiery, gloves, and shirts, confined to the goods fancy trade for ladies' and gentlemenís wear. There is a large local cash business done here, and being in a fine central position, it is much frequented by visitors and tourists owing to its ready access from St. Enoch and Central Stations.

    Mr. Allan is a very active worker in this capacity, and makes a point of supplying the best article at the lowest possible cost. The business is admirably organised, and well under the control of its proprietor and staff. Within the past eighteen years Mr. Allan has laboured with a healthy fervour and uniform probity in the interests of the public, and has brought this business to a fine standard of excellence. He is well known in business circles in the city, is much respected in the trade, and is very popular.

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