Anderson & Lyall

Anderson & Lyall, Engineers and Boiler Makers, Clydeside Engine and Boiler Works, Whitefield, Govan.—

    A prominent and rapidly progressive firm, whose operations help to sustain in all respects the dignity of the great engineering industries of Glasgow and its district, is that of Messrs. Anderson & Lyall, the now well-known engineers and boiler makers, of Govan. This representative house was founded in 1872, in Lancefield Street, by Messrs. Lyall & Neilson, who there laid the nucleus of what has since become a thoroughly important business, possessing, moreover, very bright future prospects and possibilities. In 1879 the firm became Anderson & Lyall, and in the same year the present premises at Whitefield were erected.

    These comprise a substantially built block of works, placed so as to enclose three sides of a square, and covering, with the intervening yard space, an area of about two acres. The various sheds and structures completing the establishment are designed upon the best modern principles, and are in every way well adapted to the purposes of an industry of this nature. The main building of the group is especially notable for its height and general commodiousness ; and all the different shops are equipped with a mechanical plant of the newest and most effective character, which it would be impracticable, no less than superfluous, to describe in detail here.

    Machinery opens up the way to industrial success at the present day in a manner that no enterprising or ambitious house will or can neglect to recognise ; and few firms have more creditably demonstrated a resolution to “keep abreast of the times” in this all-important matter than Messrs. Anderson & Lyall. The works throughout are replete with facilities that endow the house with a strong capacity to make adequate and continuous headway in the branch of industry they have thus far most successfully specialized. “There is always room at the top” — more so now, perhaps, than ever before, despite the constant increase of competition ; and the firm under notice have not omitted to provide themselves with every requisite for the proper accomplishment of the upward journey. The rest will depend upon the manner in which those requisites are employed, and it needs but a slight survey of Messrs. Anderson & Lyall’s busy works, with their two hundred industrious craftsmen, and their steady output of sound, well-made, well-finished, and new-principled productions, to prove that there is no misuse of any of the facilities possessed.

    The firm engage extensively and vigorously in the repair of marine, land, and locomotive engines and boilers, and do a large and steadily increasing general business in this class of work. Perhaps, however, the speciality of the works consists in the construction of the larger sizes of steel boilers for marine purposes, a. branch that has been admirably developed, and one in which the house has built up a reputation of a high order. The work turned out in this, latter department has every merit to recommend it, and the firm are scrupulously careful that no boiler shall leave their works in a condition not fully competent to sustain, and consistent with, the good name they have worthily established.

    Another notable department consists in the building of steam yachts, launches, barges, &c., generally, running up as high as 100 feet in length or under. Here also is manifested the determination of Messrs. Anderson & Lyall to allow no consideration whatever to stand between them and the accomplishment of first-class work. Their launches and yachts might pose as models of grace and beauty of line and form, and will not suffer by comparison with the best in the matter of mechanical equipment and general appointments and fittings. The house is largely employed in this class of work, and has constructed vessels of great beauty and swiftness for distinguished patrons among the nobility and gentry.

    It should be mentioned as indicating the convenient position of Messrs. Anderson & Lyall’s works, that they are situated in near proximity to the public Graving Dock at Govan. The personnel of the firm comprises Mr. John Anderson and Mr. John Lyall, two gentlemen of the soundest practical and technical experience and knowledge and the manner of their joint administration to-day affords ample justification for a prediction of augmented and enduring future prosperity for this house, whose past and present success has been so worthily earned.

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