D. R. A. Anderson

D. R. A. Anderson, Oil Merchant and Refiner, 120, Great Wellington Street, Kinning Park.ó

    Mr. D. R. A. Anderson evinces great skill in the preparation and refining of oils. Although the firm is only in the second decade of its existence, it has made such rapid strides in its business that it can place on the market between twenty and thirty excellent samples of oils, besides various other products.

    The premises consist of a large building facing the street, and measuring about 60 feet by 30 feet, and occupied by the offices and the refinery, with a large yard 2,000 square yards in extent, principally used for storing casks. Mr. Anderson puts forward special brands of lubricating oils as follows : steam-ship oil, neutral engine oil, Alliance lubricating oil and loom oil. He has the oil trade thoroughly at his fingersí ends.

    Mr. Andersonís name is universally known for his manufacture of prepared lard, which is now so widely known and so extensively used amongst biscuit manufacturers throughout the country. In this article he does a large trade, and deservedly so, for he has spared neither time nor money to bring this article to a perfect condition, and the users of the lard readily admit that they find no equal ; the regularity of quality and style of package is all that they desire. This lard is sold about 10s. per cwt. cheaper than the ordinary American lard.

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