James Anderson

James Anderson, Grocer and Provision Merchant, 105, Burnside Street, and 24, Rosehall Street.

    A distinguished house in the grocery and provision trade is that of Mr. James Anderson, which was founded by him in 1861. The mart is situated at the junction of two important thoroughfares, has superior internal fixtures, and a fine street frontage.

    The stock held consists of every description of groceries and provisions, all of which are of guaranteed quality. Special lines are kept in the finest Edinburgh, Ayrshire, and Irish meals, French, American, and home-made flours, barley and peas, &c., supplied direct from the mill. Best Ayrshire hams, Belfast smoked bacon, and the finest Dunlop, Cheddar, and American cheese are to be found in grand display. Teas, too, to suit the taste of the humblest as well as the highest classes are shown, the principal qualities being Moning, Kaisow, Assam Pekoe, Souchong, Foochow, and Canton pekoe, all of which are noted for their strength in liquor and delicious flavour. East India and Jamaica coffees and the celebrated growths of the Ceylon and Mocha plantations are in stock in high perfection, pure, pungent, and pleasing to all. The sugars are excellent, and the sundry goods are just as select as the staple provisions.

    The great feature of the business is quality, based on the lowest scale of profits. The trade is of a family nature and thoroughly well established.

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