James Anderson & Co.

James Anderson & Co., Calenderers and Packers, Frederick Lane, 44, North Hanover Street.

    One of the oldest Glasgow houses in its line is that of Messrs. James Anderson & Co., which is conducted under this title by Mr. David Anderson, the sole proprietor. The business was originally established in Albion Street in 1813, and afterwards removed, to the site of the present General Post Office, thence to No. 170, Buchanan Street, and to the present address in 1878.

    The premises now occupied comprise three flats well appointed and commodiously arranged. Hydraulic machinery and steam power is extensively used by the firm in their operations, which consists chiefly of all kinds of glossing, hot-pressing, and packing of cotton goods and paper for manufacturers. Thorough organisation pervades every department, the whole of the staff being skilled operatives, and on an average over fifty in number.

    The house has a very high reputation for the high-class character of its productions, the workmanship in every particular being of superior merit. The class of goods produced are principally those suited to the colonial, continental, and East India trades. The trade of the house is very extensive and particularly well established. For many years this old house has worthily represented this branch of industry and kept well abreast of the times, having within itself all the facilities not only for executing the ordinary work of calendering and packing, but for producing novelties just at the opportune moment when the market demands such additions to its attractions. Further, this house has slowly and surely progressed, and for obvious reasons is much to be preferred to the one which in its anxiety to dash for appearance, not only smothers its own endeavours but brings no credit upon the commercial prestige of the country.

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