Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson, Picture-dealer, Carver, Gilder, Frame-maker, &c., 60, St. Vincent Street.ó

    The business conducted by Mr. Thomas Anderson was founded fifty years ago by Mr. John Fisher. It came into Mr. Andersonís possession about ten years since, when he entered upon the present premises.

    He carries on a most extensive and miscellaneous business ; he is a picture-dealer, carver, gilder, frame-maker, print-seller, and artistsí colourman, and does re-gilding in all its branches. He also cleans and restores pictures, and stores, packs, and removes them ; and likewise re-hangs private collections, and makes valuations. He occupies very spacious premises in St. Vincent Street, and his showrooms present a very handsome and unique appearance, the ceilings, &c., being of pitch pine beautifully designed. These showrooms are filled with a rare and valuable stock of oil paintings, engravings, etchings, Japanese curiosities, ivories, and bric-a-brac of all kinds, forming altogether a most attractive collection.

    Mr. Anderson does a large local trade, but has patrons in one or other branches of his profession all over Scotland' and England. His general trade, however, is an important one, and the reputation of the house is first-class.

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