Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson, Poulterer, Fishmonger, &c., 58 and 60, West Nile Street.—

    This business, now carried on by the widow of the original proprietor, may be looked upon as one of the pioneers in the domestic trades of Glasgow. It was established forty-five years ago at 119, West George Street. It was then confined solely to the fish trade, Mr. Anderson being the first man in Glasgow who cleaned and dressed fish so as to supply it “ready for use”. Prior to his establishment of this very important service the fish was retailed as caught, and had to be dressed by servants afterwards. The innovation was quickly taken advantage of, and naturally shared the fate of all good ideas in raising a host of imitators. This firm effected a further innovation in the fish trade by being the first to bring the renowned “Doggerbank Crimped Cod” to the Glasgow market.

    The removal of the business to the present very completely appointed and extensive premises was made some fourteen years ago, and it was soon after that period that the trade in poultry was added to that in fish ; later still game was added. There are extensive outbuildings used as stables, poultry-house, &c. The ice-houses alone are capable of storing 1,000 tons. The appointments for cleaning and dressing fish, &c., preparatory to sale are exceptionally complete. The large staff employed insures instant attention to the wishes of customers. Everything in season and of the best quality only has been the guiding principle upon which Mrs. Anderson’s business has been raised to the position it now occupies.

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