G. & C. Andrew

G. & C. Andrew, Fringers, &c., 59, Hutcheson Street.

    Among the principal houses in Glasgow that are engaged in various branches of industry connected with manufacturers generally, a very prominent position is maintained by Messrs. G. & C. Andrew, who are widely known as fringers, twiners, &c. The business is one of the largest of its kind in Scotland, and is carried on very extensively in premises situated at 59, Hutcheson Street, where it was originally established as far back as 1868.

    The firm employ a large number of hands, the average being over a hundred. The workrooms are well adapted to this required purpose. Messrs. Andrew carry on a very large business as hand and machine shawl, antimacassar, cover, curtain, &c., fringers, twiners, hemmers, tambourers, &c. In every department of the trade exceptional care is exercised that the work executed shall be of the very best quality. The work is carried on under very careful supervision.

    A very extensive trade is carried on among an influential connection in all parts of the kingdom. It is a noticeable feature in connection with this trade that no travellers are employed, the work being mostly manufactured for wholesale merchants, among whom the firm are widely known. The business has been conducted throughout with great ability, and owes much of its success to the able and energetic management of the proprietors.

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