Craibe Angus & Son

Craibe Angus & Son, Fine Art Galleries, 159, Queen Street.

    In connection with the fine arts a well-known firm of dealers, of which it is necessary to make prominent mention, is that of Craibe Angus & Son, Fine Art Galleries, of the above address. This business was established by Mr. Angus, who with his son John are the sole partners, in 1870.

    The premises consist of three handsome galleries, which has a window in Queen Street, and in which is exhibited a splendid collection of high-class paintings by the foremost modem painters, and a large selection of etchings, artistic furniture, and bric-a-brac. Well known to have been the first dealer in Scotland to sell the works of the great modern masters of the foreign and British schools, Mr. Angus enjoys an extensive and influential connection, which is being maintained and extended by his confining the business of the firm to artistic rather than to popular works of merely ephemeral interest.

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