A. T. Assafrey

A. T. Assafrey, Chocolatier et Confiseur, 171, Sauchiehall Street.

    The well-known and eminently popular house named above was founded seventeen years ago in Sauchiehall Street by its present propriety, Mr. A.T. Assafrey who at once made, a pronounced success in the operations of confectioner and chocolate manufacturer. Five or six years subsequent to his first establishment in Sauchiehall Street, Mr Assafrey instituted a branch at 2, Rokeby Terrace, Hillhead, which is now in most flourishing circumstances, and about eighteen months ago he opened another depot at 78 St. Vincent Street. Both these establishments have done well, carrying on a growing business for themselves.

    The premises at headquarters in Sauchiehall Street comprise an extensive and well-situated shop with a luxuriantly appointed refreshment and general saloon in the rear, and in connection are culinary departments, in which are prepared many of the delicious confections and choice dishes for which the place has become famous. In St. Vincent Street is another large shop with another saloon, also of elegant appointment, while at Hillhead the depot comprises a shop and saleroom only.

    At 121, Sauchiehall Lane the house has a large factory, extending quite through from the lane to Bath Street. This place is most completely equipped, employs a numerous force of hands, and is devoted exclusively to the manufacture of chocolate and cocoa powder, this house being reputed as the only one in Scotland extensively combining tile production of both these articles in one industry. Assafrey's soluble cocoa powder is one of the most familiar preparations of its kind in the Scottish market, and is renowned for its delicate flavour and excellence of quality. Every description of improved and labour-saving machinery is employed.

    The specialities of the house consist in fine French confectionery in all its branches : wedding cakes, choice fancy dishes, ices for dinner and other parties, and bonbons, chocolate caramels and superior sweetmeats of every kind. In ices the firm have an unsurpassed reputation, and their connection for these dainty goods extends throughout the most distinguished social circles all over Scotland. The name of Assafrey in relation to bonbons is a synonym for excellence throughout Great Britain. His house is most particularly renowned for these ever-popular sweetmeats, many of which are his own invention, and he is recognised as the practical introducer of these goods in this country, where he has developed in them a business of very great magnitude. The stock held at headquarters in Sauchiehall Street is particularly large and comprehensive, and abounds in novel, unique, and interesting features.

    Mr. Assafrey conducts his business with exemplary enterprise and conspicuous commercial and practical ability. At the Glasgow Exhibition he is exhibiting in the Machinery Department an installation of his fine chocolate machinery, and at the same Exhibition, which, promises to be a perfect symposium of everything that Glasgow can accomplish in the peaceful arts and industries, he will have a typical kiosk, whereat will be retailed to lovers of confectionery all descriptions of the bonbons, chocolate sweetmeats, and ices for which this house is so deservedly noted.

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