Austin & McAslan

    Messrs. Austin & McAslan, Agricultural, Garden, Flower, and other Seeds, Trees, and Garden Requisites, 16, Buchanan Street.—

    The oldest, and most extensive nursery and seed business in Scotland, is that trading under the title of Austin & McAslan. This representative house was founded in 1717, and has always pursued a successful career. The business has always been characterised by steady and constant advancement, and this has been the case in an especial degree under the regime of its present proprietary. The personnel of the firm to-day comprises Mr. James Hunter and Mr. Hugh Austin, and the former gentleman, who is a well-known Glasgow citizen, has been senior partner for upwards of twenty-eight years.

    The present premises have been occupied for little short or a quarter of a century, and comprise a spacious and handsome shop, commodious in arrangement and dimensions, particularly central and convenient in situation. An immense stock is held, embracing all kinds of agricultural and field seeds, flower seeds, garden seeds, garden requisites of every description, and a wide range of goods of all kinds and classes incidental to horticulture, floriculture, agriculture, and arboriculture.

    The specialities of the nursery department embrace such lines as roses, grape vines, ornamental shrubs, conifers, hardy rhododendrons, fruit-trees, and forest-trees, and they are in a position to supply articles in each and all of these respects of the very highest class. The firm enjoy a splendid reputation for the excellent quality and commendable reliability of all their goods.

    The firm’s forest-tree, fruit-tree, and shrub nurseries are at Titwood, Pollockshields, and their greenhouse and stove plants, roses, &c., are grown at Cathcart Nurseries. At both these extensive properties a very numerous staff of hands is employed.

    The trade controlled is of immense volume, is wholesale, retail, and export in character, and extends not alone throughout the kingdom, but to almost all parts of the world. The nurseries will be carried on in all departments, at Cathcart, after Whitsunday, 1889.

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