Baikie and Hogg

Baikie and Hogg, Shirt Tailors, 10, Renfleld Street.ó

    The firm of Baikie & Hogg was established in the year 1881. Mr. Baikie died in October, 1884, and the business has since been conducted by Mr. Hogg alone, but under the original style. The firm designate themselves shirt tailors, and are, indeed, engaged almost solely in the manufacture of these articles, although they deal in hosiery and goods in the outfitting line. Their wares are all of first-class material and workmanship, and the trade of the establishment throughout is high-class, the connection being superior and select, among the best families in Glasgow, the whole of Scotland, and the United Kingdom generally. As showing the magnitude of the business, it maybe stated that a staff of thirty female shirt-makers is constantly employed on the premises. The firmís speciality is the manufacture of gentlemenís white shirts, and this they have brought to a state of almost absolute perfection, for both fit and finish are unexceptionable.

    The establishment comprises a neat and well-appointed sale-shop, together with workrooms and laundry, the latter departments being provided with a separate entrance. The stock is large, choice, and valuable, and admirably kept, and, as we have before intimated, it embraces hosiery and outfitting goods, in addition to shirts. The business is conducted in excellent style, and reflects the greatest credit upon the management. The firm have a stall, No. 37, in the machinery annexe of the Glasgow International Exhibition, where they have a dozen girls employed making shirts from the finest materials manufactured. Mr. Hogg, the proprietor, is a gentleman well known and much respected in the city.

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