James Bain

James Bain (successor to James Shier), Fishmonger, Poulterer, and Ice Merchant, 42, Shields Road, Pollokshields.

    The fish and poultry trade is particularly well represented by the old and worthy house of Mr. James Bain, which was established at the present address by Mr. James Shier in 1880, who was subsequently succeeded by the present proprietor. Fish, poultry, and ice, constitute the specialities in which business is done. Every kind of fresh and salt water fish in splendid condition and well dressed for table use will be found at this establishment. Hares, rabbits, and everything in the poultry line are here seen in profusion. The great speciality is fish of all kinds, the most judicious care being exercised in their selection. Ice, too, Wenham Lake and block, can always be obtained here in high perfection ; and, in fact, everything in this branch of business is kept in stock. Mr. Bain carefully superintends the general organization of the business. The trade is principals local, and well established among families, hotels, restaurants, &c.

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