George Bainbridge

George Bainbridge, Florist, 17 Eglinton Street.

    One of the sights of Eglinton Street is the shop of Mr. George Bainbridge, who has for many years carried on an extensive trade as florist. This business was established in 1881 in the present premises by Mr. George Bainbridge, who has succeeded in building up a first class trade.

    The premises occupied are spacious ; the window shop of plants, flowers and fruits always attract a great number of sightseers. The stock in the shop is of a varied character, embracing a large number of immortelles, cut flowers as well as a great variety of rustic ware, flower stands and flower pots, in a multitude of tasteful and charming designs.

    The nurseries belonging to the firm are situated at Sheriff Park, Rutherglen, about two miles from Glasgow, which is a capital locality for growing all variety of flowers. The Grounds at Sheriff Park are an acre and a quarter in extent, and all in the most excellent state of cultivation. The connection secured by this firm is of a very extensive character, embracing not only a considerable circle of customers in the city and suburbs, but extending all over the United Kingdom.

    Mr. Bainbridge is held in the highest esteem in the trade, his house being reckoned one of the most reliable and substantial. He is a member of Rutherglen Town Council, and in this capacity he has rendered some excellent service.

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