A. Baird & Co.

A. Baird & Co., Gold and Silver Beaters, 51 and 58, Ropework Lane (off Great Clyde Street).

    Many industries in this country are suffering from German competition, and especially gold and silver beating ; but the firm of Messrs. A. Baird & Co., of whom we have pleasure in making mention, still survives, and is not likely to make way for this foreign interference. This business was established in the present premises in 1867 by Mr. A. Baird, who is still the sole proprietor. His trade is principally local, and is amongst painters, decorators, gilders, &c.

    To continue in business for about a quarter of a century, and that while handicapped by the cheap labour of Germany, evinces an amount of pluck and powers of adaptation in Mr. Baird which deserves, and which no doubt has gained him, the admiration and support of many, and of which it may be truly said he is eminently worthy.

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