John Baird

John Baird, Glass Beveller and Silverer, 71, Bishop Street, Port Dundas.ó

    Amongst the many important industries of this city there are few which exceed in interest the extensive operations carried on at the well-known establishment of Mr. John Baird. This business, which was established in 1876, presents many features of more than ordinary interest, and in its rapid development affords a striking example of the results of well directed enterprise.

    Mr. Baird occupies very extensive premises admirably adapted to the business, comprising a large building of four floors, arranged as workshops, stores, and warehouse, together with showrooms, and a spacious suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house. Some idea of the extent of the operations here carried out, may be gathered from the fact that upwards of one hundred skilled and experienced workmen are actively employed, glass bevelling and silvering, also all kinds of artistic mirror work, being executed on a very extensive scale, as are also engraved and etched table glasses, gas globes, and bevelled and silvered plate glass. In the warehouse and showrooms are many splendid specimens of the firmís productions, well exhibiting in every detail of artistic design and highly finished workmanship the superior skill and talent employed in this establishment.

    The firm have a first-class connection with the leading houses in the trade, extending to all parts of the United Kingdom. The firm is exhibiting at the International Exhibition, their stalls being No. 1180 in Court 26a and 375 in the Machinery Section. They illustrate sand blasting and engraving operations. Mr. John Baird, who is the sole proprietor, possesses the advantage of long and thorough practical experience, and fills an influential position in mercantile circles.

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