J.M. Ballantyne & Co.

J.M. Ballantyne & Co., Manufacturers and Agents and Importers of French, and German Manufactures, 63, Glassford Street.

    The firm of J.M. Ballantyne & Co. thoroughly represents the trade to which retail dealers owe their supply of French and German manufactures. Established in North Frederick Street in 1872, Messrs. Ballantyne & Co. removed to their present more commodious premises in 1880.

    The establishment consists of offices and a tastefully equipped warehouse, exhibiting a beautiful assortment of French and German manufactures, including clocks, ornaments, and proprietary articles, their fame for which in this trade is only equalled by their reputation among wholesale houses for studs and whalebone. It is manufacturers and importers of shirt studs and whalebone in its various forms that the firm is specially known.

    Through the agency of the wholesale and shipping customers of the firm, these goods find their way to every part of the world. In this branch of their business they are the most extensive dealers in Scotland, and probably in Britain. This firm has branch establishments in London, Birmingham, and Paris.

    The firm has lately added a glove department, and is now doing in these goods the largest business in Scotland. The secret by which they have gained their high reputation is to be found in their energy, long experience, and high principles of integrity, for which the partners are noted.

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