James Bamber

James Bamber, Hairdresser and Perfumer, 124, Buchanan Street, and 121, Sauchiehall Street.—

    In an excellent and most entertaining work entitled “The Making of Buchanan Street” the business of Mr. James Bamber is mentioned as the oldest existent one of its particular kind in Glasgow ; and the distinguished reputation acquired by its proprietor in every department of the high-class perruquier's and parfumeur’s profession has endowed it with a claim to be regarded as one of the very first institutions in its line in the city. The house was founded by a Mr. Meek upwards of sixty-five years ago in Glassford Street. It has been in Mr. Bamber’s hands for a lengthy period of time, and has occupied its present fine quarters in Buchanan Street for upwards of thirty years, Mr. Bamber having been proprietor for about four years. Mr. Bamber’s establishment, at 121, Sauchiehall Street is still conducted in conjunction with the more easterly one. It was here that Mr. Bamber was induced to start business in Glasgow some twenty-two years ago on his coming from London, where he had been employed for a considerable time by Mr. Charles Bond, Oxford Street (opposite the Marble Arch).

    In Buchanan Street Mr. Bamber’s premises, comprising a number of fine apartments for ladies’, gentlemen’s, and private use, are exceedingly handsome and attractive in every detail of fitting and appointment, and manifest many indications of the care and attention expended in adapting them to every requirement of a high-class hairdressing and perfuming business. The establishment's interesting in another sense also, from the fact that it occupies one of the oldest buildings now standing in the long and noble line of Buchanan Street. Mr. Bamber’s “Toilet Club” ranks among the foremost and favourite ones of Glasgow, and is patronized by the nobility and landed gentry resident in all parts of the surrounding neighbourhood. Professionally, the specialities of the firm consist in dressing ladies’ hair, devising fashionable coiffures in all the latest and most attractive of Parisian and London styles, and the manufacture of ornamental hair and theatrical wigs.

    The house probably stands alone in Glasgow in one of its most important features — the “letting out” of wigs on the hire system. In this respect Mr. Bamber’s wigs are in great demand for theatrical purposes. The theatrical trade is, indeed, one of the large items in the whole volume of business done ; and the stock of wigs always held in hand includes upwards of five hundred different kinds and styles.

    Mr. Bamber conducts his notable and successful business in person with marked ability and judgment ; and his eminent professional skill and attainments are constantly apparent in the many superior operations and productions in the art and calling of the accomplished coiffeur.

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