William Barr & Sons

William Barr & Sons, Colliery Owners, &c., Offices, 10, Bothwell Street, and 18, Hamilton Street, Greenock.ó

    The firm of William Barr & Sons has been established about sixteen years. They own the Over-Dalserf, New Marledge, Longlee, and Allanton Collieries, the whole of which are situated in the county of Lanark. The coals supplied from these collieries are of most excellent quality and are adapted for domestic purposes, for shipping use, and also for public works.

    The business of this concern is widespread, the connection an influential and substantial one, and the firmís transactions are conducted on first-class lines. Orders are executed with regularity and dispatch, and prices are strictly in accordance with those ruling the market. The commercial reputation of the firm is unexceptional, and owing to the superiority of the coals the demand for them is steadily increasing.

    The fact that this firm has such a large demand for their different kinds of washed nuts for home and foreign use guarantees their coal being entirely free of dross, necessitating the most improved appliances for screening the coal to get the greatest quantity of dross to meet the large sale of nuts. The washing machine, with its self-acting elevators, wash tanks, and immense revolvers, is of most unique construction, and reflects great credit on the enterprise of the firm. Indeed, no better coals are produced in the Lanarkshire district.

    The firm have large and handsome offices, both in Glasgow and Greenock, and they employ a numerous clerical staff in both places.

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