Bews, Miller & Co.

Bews, Miller & Co., Manufacturers, 26, Bothwell Street.ó

    This important house was founded in 1874 by its present sole partners, Messrs. Alexander Bews and David Miller, commencing its operations upon a modest scale. Enterprise and a spirit of constant progress produced their usual result in the development of the business, and the trade of the house has increased continuously from year to year.

    The manufactures of Messrs. Bews, Miller & Co. embrace the following five principal classes of goods : ladiesí embroidered dressing-gowns, ladiesí toilet jackets (embroidered), ladiesí embroidered flannel skirts, ladiesí washing wrappers and costumes, and ladiesí underclothing. In each of these departments the firm maintain an unsurpassed reputation for the excellent appearance and unexceptionable quality of their productions. The embroidered goods are exceedingly beautiful in design and general treatment, and the silk embroidery employed in their completion is all of the firmís own manufacture. It is, indeed, a feature of the business, and is used with the most exquisite and artistic effect in the elaboration of ladies' dressing-gowns, which latter may be set down as the principal speciality of the house. Of these it would be difficult to speak too highly ; they fully explain and justify the widespread celebrity this firm has won in connection with this branch of textile industry.

    The premises in Bothwell Street are large and commodious. They comprise one spacious flat, for showroom, warehouse, and offices, together with an extensive factory above, extending over four flats. The factory is fitted up throughout with the latest and most approved machinery suitable for economising labour when such can be properly applied. Here the delicate and interesting industry of the house is carried on with great vigour, and over two hundred hands are employed on the premises, besides a very numerous force of country workpeople. The demand for the firmís manufactures is rapidly increasing, and the excellent facilities at their command are now frequently taxed well-nigh to the utmost in the execution of orders, both for home and export markets. The warehouse flat contains a fine stock of the productions for which Messrs. Bews, Miller & Co. have become noted ; and at 79, Wood Street, London, E.C., the firm have a metropolitan warehouse also containing a representative stock of their popular goods for the convenience of the southern trade. Travellers are engaged in all parts of England, Scotland, and Ireland ; and the trade controlled, entirely wholesale in character and of very great volume and importance, extends throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, and has valuable and well-established connections in all the British possessions abroad.

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