Bishopbriggs Quarry Company

Bishopbriggs Quarry Company, The Quarries, Colston, Bishopbriggs, and the office, 3, West Scotland Street.—

    This company began operations as quarymasters in 1882, and have since developed a very extensive and valuable trade. They recommenced operations in quarries at Colston, close to Bishopbriggs, which had been worked many years previously. These quarries are famed all over the west of Scotland for the excellence and durability of the stone procured from them. From a part of the old workings, quite close to the portion now being quarried by this company, much of the stone used in erecting many of the finest buildings in Glasgow has been procured. The Western Club in Buchanan Street, and the British Linen Company’s Bank at the comer of Queen and Ingram Street, are cases in point, and although built between forty and fifty years, yet the stone shows on its exposed surface no signs of decay. This is abundant proof of its excellent composition and unrivalled durable qualities in such a trying atmosphere as Glasgow. Professor Wallace, the eminent chemist, some years ago, referred to this stone in one of his lectures, and stated that his analysis showed it to be of the best component parts, and in every respect suited for building purposes in such a city as Glasgow.

    The firm is now in position to execute all orders promptly and at the most economic rates. The contiguity of the quarries to Glasgow, and also to Port Dundas (for the west coast), is eminently conducive to moderation in price, the cost of conveying the stone to the city and to the steamer being comparatively light. The business is ably conducted, and there is little doubt of a wide demand in the immediate future for the stone put on the market by this company.

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