James Black

James Black, Fancy Paper Box Maker, 10, Garthland Street, off Glassford Street.—

    The manufacture of paper boxes of all kinds for commercial and other purposes has become a very important branch of industry in most large cities. This is particularly true of Glasgow, where Mr. James Black conducts business as a fancy paper box maker at the above address. This house was established in 1858 at 68, Glassford Street, where operations were carried on till 1874, when a move was made to the present premises, which are admirably adapted for the purposes of the trade.

    All sorts of paper boxes are made in every style, both by hand and machinery. Drapers’, milliners’, and particularly grocers’ tea boxes, are turned out in large numbers in the most substantial and attractive and at terms surpassed by no other house in the city in point of moderation.

    Mr. Black’s thirty years’ experience gives him many advantages which are fully utilised to the mutual benefit of himself and his patrons. His connection is widespread and influential, and includes many of the leading shipping houses, wholesale firms, and calenderers, with whom a large trade is done. Mr. Black is much esteemed in business circles, and, as an old citizen, takes an active and intelligent interest in every public movement.

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