Blair, Campbell & McLean

Blair, Campbell & McLean, Scotland Street Copper Works.

      This well-known and widely-renowned house is one of the oldest in the trade. The business was originally founded in 1838 under the same title as now known, and has throughout met with most unqualified success in every direction. The premises are well known as the Scotland Street Copper Works, and comprise a very extensive establishment, fitted throughout with all the most modem and improved forms of plant and machinery. Messrs. Blair, Campbell & McLean are the largest coppersmiths and brassfounders in Scotland, and employ between two hundred and three hundred hands, according to the requirements of the business.

    The special attention of the proprietors is directed to the construction of brewery and distillery plant, and also to the manufacture of sugar pans. In these departments of the trade they have gained a first-class reputation for the superior description of work executed. It would be impracticable to give anything like a detailed list of the various articles that are manufactured at these works, but mention may be made of a few which will give some indication of the direction of the firmís operations. They manufacture such articles as vacuum pans, pans for sugar refining, whisky and other spirit stills, brewing coppers, mash tuns, fermenting vats, Turkey red boilers, and engraving plates ; locomotive domes and valve-covers, copper and brass pipe for marine and land engines, gunmetal pumps, &c.

    Thus the scope of the business is considerably wide, more especially as it also includes many different branches of plumbersí copper and brass work. In every department the work is carried on under very careful supervision, and is of the very highest class. The firm have gained their great reputation by consistently keeping to a first-class standard, and the manufactures emanating from their works are most decidedly unsurpassed by any house in the United Kingdom. The trade extends to all parts of the country, and a large and influential connection is maintained among the principal engineers and others in all directions.

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