R. Blake & Co.

R. Blake & Co., Manufacturers, Brook Street, Bridgeton.ó

    This is a very large and important manufacturing business, and although established during comparatively recent years it has rapidly attained to a very prominent position. The business is located at what is known as the Brook Street Weaving Factory. This important establishment covers a very extensive ground area, and is fitted throughout with the most modem and improved forms of patent machinery. Some idea of the extent of the firmís business may be gathered from the fact of there being over two hundred looms, and other machinery of the most modem description. The firm employ about two hundred hands.

    One of the leading features of the business consists of dress goods, which are made in large quantities. Wool costumes also form a very important branch of the firmís manufacture in which they have achieved considerable renown in all directions. Among the other principal features of the-work may be mentioned such as fancy zephyrs, shirting, skirting, and various other similar fabrics. In every department the firm are widely noted for the exceptionally superior quality of the goods. A very large trade is done among the principal warehousemen and wholesale firms.

    The business has been very ably conducted, and to this fact much of the success that has been achieved is due. Messrs. Blake & Co. have by the exercise of energetic ability very rapidly developed a business which, in the manufacturing world, ranks among the most important and influential houses that are engaged in a similar branch of industry.

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