John N. Boag

John N. Boag, Wine Merchant & Restaurateur, 421 and 423 Dumbarton Road, Partick.—

    In the busy and thriving West End district, conveniently situated at a busy railway station and in the centre of the shipbuilding and engineering industries, there is no house better known and of greater boon than that of Mr. John N. Boag, wine merchant & restaurateur, of the Dumbarton Road, Partick. Handsomely fitted up in every way, with all modern improvements and conveniences, securing the comfort of the many customers, daily and special, with ample accommodation for large parties, there is little wonder that this establishment has earned a famous reputation, not only in the locality, but in the surrounding districts.

    The branch establishments at 519 Dumbarton Road, Partick, and in St. George's Road, Glasgow, are also well appointed and conducted. As a speciality, Mr. Boag pays great attention to his “No. 2 Blend of old Whisky”, which, it is needless to remark, is A1 in quality.

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