R.A. Bogue & Co.

R.A. Bogue & Co., Clothiers, Clerical and Legal Robe Makers, 197, Ingram Street.—

    This highly respectable house was founded over half a century ago by Mr. Robert Paterson, and since his decease in 1857 has been conducted by his partner, Mr. R.A. Bogue. It is one of the most noted and fashionable tailoring establishments in Scotland, and the connection may truthfully be described as worldwide, since it extends to Australia, Canada, Africa, the West Indies, and many other distant regions in various quarters of the globe.

    The firm turn out military and naval uniforms, hunting and livery suits, ladies’ habits, &c., in addition to the general tailoring business, and they also are makers of clerical and legal robes. The house is patronised by the elite of the community of Glasgow and the neighbourhood, and enjoys a splendid reputation. The premises in Ingram Street are admirably adapted for the business, and comprise, on ground floor showroom, sale-room, and counting-house, and the upper floor is appropriated for workrooms. The quality and workmanship of every garment are of the very highest order. The number of hands employed averages about twenty.

    Mr. Bogue is a gentleman of first-class social position, and is widely known. He held the office of “Deacon Convener” of the Trades House from 1877 to 1879, has been treasurer of the Glasgow Benevolent Society (for the relief of the destitute sick and others in extreme poverty) for over thirty years. He has been Deacon of the Incorporated Tailors of Glasgow, and was, for a time, a member of the Town Council, representing the Trades House. He is also a justice of the peace for Lanarkshire. In his fourfold Capacity of magistrate, philanthropist, tradesman and citizen, Mr. Bogue is highly esteemed by all who have the privilege of his acquaintance.

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