Bost & Turner

Bost & Turner, Iron Merchants and Metal Brokers, 33, Renfield Street.

    The business now conducted under the style of Bost & Turner was founded as A. Bost & Co. in 1845. The present principals are Messrs. Timothy Bost and William Turner. As iron merchants and metal brokers Messrs. Bost & Turner hold a foremost place, and their annual Scotch pig-iron circular, published at the end of each year, is considered the most authentic and reliable return printed for the information of the iron and steel trades in Scotland. Messrs. Bost & Turner do a large trade in pig-iron, both with local founders and with shippers, to all parts of the world, and likewise deal extensively in warrants.

    Their trade is conducted with great tact and prudence, and upon the most honourable and straightforward lines, and the commercial repute of the firm is of the very highest order. They occupy commodious offices in Renfield Street, and employ a numerous clerical staff. Individually, the members of the firm hold a superior social position, and are popular and esteemed.

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