Thomas Boston

Thomas Boston, Gem and Seal Engraver, 18a, Renfield Street.ó

    The symbolical art of heraldry is worthily represented in the city by the far-famed establishment of the late Mr. Thomas Boston, who has been succeeded as proprietor by his son, Mr. Alexander L. Boston, who still trades under his fatherís name. The business was founded in 1830 at well-known premises in the Trongate ; subsequently a removal was made to the Arcade, and latterly to the present address, in 1884. The premises now occupied are admirably suited to the requirements of the business, and are well fixtured throughout.

    The stock held is both large and valuable, consisting of between 9,000 and 10,000 specimens of various stamps, &c., connected with the business. The house is also considered the most important bureau for information on heraldry in the city, and the proprietor has in his possession volumes treating on the art of heraldry to the value of some £80 or £100. The leading specialities comprise the engraving and colouring of crystals, yacht club burgees, and the general designing of sporting subjects. The other class of work undertaken consists of the finding of arms and the engraving of the same, as also the engraving of crests, monograms, and devices on seals, rings, &c. The trade extends to every part of the globe, and the goods supplied are exclusively of the very highest order. Mr. Boston numbers among his patrons King Ja Ja, an African potentate who has recently distinguished himself by rebelling against the British Government and suffering exile in consequence. Seal-cutting for the trade is largely carried on for the best houses in England and Ireland.

    Mr. Boston, sen., was a burgess of Glasgow, and much respected in artistic and professional circles. The present proprietor is also a gentleman enjoying the full confidence of all his patrons.

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