W. & J. Bowie

W. & J. Bowie, Dyers, Cleaners, and Carpet Beaters, Hot-pressers, and Ostrich Feather Dressers, Clyde Dye Works, Strathclyde Street, Bridgeton.—

    The firm of W. & J. Bowie (William and John) has been founded about twenty-seven years, and it is still carried on by these gentlemen. They are dyers, cleaners, hot-pressers, and ostrich feather dressers, and likewise do carpet beating by steam power. Perhaps no house in the trade in Scotland has attained greater repute as dyers and cleaners than W. & J. Bowie. Indeed, their enormous business fully testifies to their popularity and high standing in public estimation. The firm are patronised by all classes of the community ; and their work, in every branch, is turned out in a manner which cannot be surpassed. Notwithstanding this fact their charges are most reasonable, and all orders are executed with punctuality and despatch. They were the first to introduce steam power carpet-beating machinery into Glasgow, and in this department have developed an enormous trade, in addition to their dyeing and cleaning business ; and although other firms have subsequently taken up the idea, the Messrs. Bowie still hold their own against all comers, and having effected immense improvements on the older machine, are undoubtedly the premier carpet-beating firm in Glasgow.

    Messrs. W. & J. Bowie, having protected their improved carpet-beating machine by Royal Letters Patent, are now engaged in their manufacture, and have recently supplied them to several of the principal cities in the United Kingdom. The firm have no less than twenty-three branch establishments and two hundred and fifty agencies in and around Glasgow, and their extensive business is worked with the greatest order and regularity, everything connected therewith being conducted upon the most systematic lines. The works at Bridgeton, known as the “Clyde Dye Works”, are on a large scale, and are fitted up and equipped in excellent style, the plant and machinery being of the most modem and approved type ; and employment is found here for over a hundred hands.

    Personally Messrs. W. & J. Bowie are highly popular and universally esteemed.

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