Alexander Boyd

Alexander Boyd (Associate of the Pharmaceutical Society), Dispensing and Manufacturing Chemist, 41, Shields Road, Pollokshields.

    One of the most eminent pharmaceutical establishments in the city is that conducted by Mr. Alexander Boyd, which was founded at the present address by Mr. William Bray in 1879. The pharmacy has an excellent street frontage, and the laboratory in the rear is well fixtured. Superior quality drugs, chemicals, and pharmaceutical preparations are kept on hand in large quantities, and all of them are warranted genuine. Particular attention is devoted to the dispensing department, the most judicious care being exercised in the preparation of medical prescriptions, the business done in drugs being very extensive. Proprietary articles, however, constitute a large part of the trade ; patent medicines, including chemical food, so highly recommended by the faculty for toning and nourishing the blood ; the finest Norwegian cod liver oil, which is entirely free from any unpleasant smell, and has no taste beyond the slightly fishy flavour inseparable from genuine oil. It is light and easily digested, and is rich in the most important constituents of this valuable remedy.

    Toilet requisites of every description are to be found in stock ; the finest Turkey sponges, sponge bags, baskets, loofahs, flesh gloves, bath gloves, and washing pads abound in great variety. Feeding cups, clinical thermometers, inhalers, &c. are on hand, and solid leather medicine chests for invalids going abroad. Perfumes appear in grand display ; pure aerated waters, in bottles and syphons, are displayed in great variety ; genuine black tea, perfect in strength and flavour, is an article in large demand in fact, everything supplied through pharmaceutical establishments can be obtained at the most liberal quotations. The connection is thoroughly well established among families and medical practitioners.

    Mr. Boyd is a gentleman of distinguished ability as a chemist, and of high status in the profession.

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