Boyd, Barrow, & Co.

Boyd, Barrow, & Co., Fruit Brokers, 64 and 66, South Albion Street.—

    There is perhaps no commercial interest that requires for its successful prosecution greater knowledge of minute details than that which is devoted to the importation of foreign fruits. A prominent house engaged in this trade in Glasgow is that of Messrs. Boyd, Barrow, & Co., of the above address, which was established in 1880, and has since obtained a liberal and influential patronage.

    The premises occupied consist of a spacious and commodious flat as salesroom, wherein auctions are held, well lighted sample-room, and adjoining counting-house. The firm have every facility for the speedy and safe handling of all goods, employing a force of some twenty competent hands to assist them, and who are constantly kept busy shipping and receiving goods.

    The trade is principally restricted to the selling on commission foreign fruits of every description, so disposing of during the season thousands of barrels of American and Canadian apples, cases of Valencia oranges, dates, figs, nuts, prunes, and continental produce generally. An important feature of the conduct of the business carried on by this firm is that although at times they may have to give credit, they never on any occasion take it themselves, but make up the account sales and settle with their client right away in cash, thus giving full benefit to parties entrusting them with the sale of their goods.

    The individual members of the firm, Messrs. Thomas Boyd and W. H. Barrow, are active and energetic business men, who have had twenty years’ experience in the fruit trade, and are always on the alert to obtain for their patrons the very best benefits of the market, while purchasers can invariably depend upon receiving a strictly truthful representation as to consignments entrusted to them for disposal.

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