John Brash

John Brash, Fancy Paper and Drapers’ Box Manufacturer and Pattern Book and Card Maker, 19, Cochrane Street, and 146, Ingram Street.—

    Mr. Brash commenced business in Brunswick Street, Glasgow, about a quarter of a century ago, and for the past eighteen years he has occupied his present premises. He is a fancy paper and drapers’ box manufacturer, a pattern book and card maker, and an importer of fancy stationery. He deals likewise in fancy cartoons of every description. The number of hands employed at his establishment amounts to about fifty.

    His connection is a valuable one, embracing the larger portion of Scotland and many of the chief towns in England. His manufactures are of a very superior kind, and many of his productions are of beautiful design and exquisite workmanship. In the matter of price, too, he is not to be excelled. His stocks are large, varied, and command ready sales. Mr. Brash conducts his business in a most able and honourable manner. His premises in Ingram Street are spacious, convenient, and well adapted to his requirements. He is one of the best known tradesmen in Glasgow, is a liberal employer, and a worthy citizen.

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