Brechin Brothers

Brechin Brothers, Butchers, and at Edinburgh.-—

    A most notable example of a successful family combination in business enterprise is exhibited by the records of the well-known firm of Messrs. Brechin Brothers, butchers, of Glasgow and Edinburgh. The origin of this important house is traceable to about the year 1861, when Mr. James Brechin commenced operations as a butcher at 15.5, Castle Street, Glasgow. Four years later Mr. William Brechin started a similar establishment at 290, Gallowgate. In the year 1869 the two brothers amalgamated, and along with Mr. Hugh Brechin, entered into an agreement of co-partnery.

    In 1870, through the acquisition of premises situated at 52, Candleriggs, an important extension of their business took place. The title of the firm became then, as at the present time, Brechin Brothers ; and the partners now are six in number, including Mr. James Brechin and Mr. William Brechin, the founders of the concern, with Messrs. Hugh, Robert H., Malcolm, and Matthew Brechin, all brothers. About three years later another important move was made, and owing to the purchase of a large business in Edinburgh, two of the partners were under the necessity of migrating thither.

    The firm have also for the past nine years occupied the premises at 273, Sauchiehall Street. A fine stock of meats, selected from the very best sources of supply, is always on hand here, and the establishment is undoubtedly one of the most agreeable features in the general business character of Sauchiehall Street.

    Messrs. Brechin Brothers have numerous other places, including the one at 52, Candleriggs Street, already mentioned ; one at 32, Stirling Road, another at 75, Elderslie Street, another at 98, Parliamentary Road, and a recently improved and now most attractive depot at 62, Great Western Road, Hillhead, and two establishments in Edinburgh. All of these establishments are admirably fitted up and adapted for the conduct of a large and high-class trade. The Hillhead establishment, especially, has been most elaborately and beautifully equipped, and is furnished with the electric light, thus being among the first — if not, indeed, the very first — butcher’s place of business in Scotland to adopt that means of illumination.

    Including all their branches, both in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Messrs. Brechin Brothers employ upwards of sixty hands, and their trade, which is of a distinctly superior character, extends over a large and valuable circle of local and country connections. The firm make a speciality of supplying yachting, shooting, and coast orders, and in these respects are largely and influentially patronised. Some idea of the volume and magnitude of this well-developed business may be gathered from the fact that Messrs. Brechin Brothers’ average weekly purchase of cattle is about fifty head, and of sheep and lambs somewhere about two hundred per week.

    A notable fact in connection with the partners is that not one of the six brothers partakes of intoxicating drinks. All the members of the firm are well-known and respected citizens, whose characteristic probity in all commercial and private matters has won for them, individually and collectively, the esteem of their fellow-townsmen ; and the extensive business they jointly control with such marked ability and judgment is eminently creditable alike to their personal enterprise and to the all-important branch of trade whose best phases it so well exemplifies.

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