Thomas Briggs

Thomas Briggs, Spinner and Manufacturer, 187, George Street.—

    This extensive business dates its foundation to the year 1815, and concurrently with the development of the trade and commerce of the United Kingdom, large factories and works have been established in various parts of the country, viz., at Nos. 2 and 4, Southgate Road, London, N. ; the Springfield Works, Salford ; the Richmond Hill Works, Salford ; the Globe Twine Mills, Leeds ; the Manchester Rope and Twine Works ; and the Barrow Flax and Jute Works, Barrow-in-Furness. Such is the extent and magnitude of the operations of this firm that in the aggregate many thousands of workpeople are employed. The head office of the firm is situated at Major Street, Manchester, and branch establishments at 2, Budge Row, Queen Victoria Street, London ; Oxford Street, Kidderminster; 48a, Church Lane, Belfast ; 51, Mary Street, Dublin ; Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool ; and 4, Exchange Chambers, New Street, Birmingham.

    The productions of these immense factories embrace canvas, sheeting, sacking, hessians, sacks and bags, ropes, machine-made twines, jute, hemp, and cotton yarns, printed jute rugs and squares, lobby and stair oil-cloths, Dutch carpetings, railway-waggon, cart, and stack covers, dressing for covers, roofing cloth, brattice cloth, tents, sail canvas, seaming twines, Briggs’ patent lined bags for sugar, coffee, &c., patent tarpauling, patent packing, and iron and steel hoops for packing purposes. Mr. Thomas Briggs is also the sole tent maker for her Majesty's War Office and contractor for government and railway stores.

    The immense trade carried on by this firm has assumed proportions of gigantic magnitude, and might be almost termed national in character. The warehouse in Glasgow is under the able and energetic management of Mr. W. Newton MacCartney, and contains large stocks of the various goods manufactured. The trade controlled from this branch extends over the whole of Scotland, and the extensive export business is conducted from the port of Glasgow.

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