The British and Foreign Glass Co.

The British and Foreign Glass Co., 45, St. Enoch Square.—

    Mr. William Ritchie is the proprietor of the extensive concern carried on under the style of the “British and Foreign Glass Company”. The premises comprise a very handsome sale-shop or show-room on the ground floor, 20 feet by 60 feet, with workshop underneath, and there is another workshop in East Howard Street. The business is a most comprehensive one, the Company being glass stainers, embossers, and lead workers.

    This branch of the business is conducted at 52, East Howard Street, and the Company there execute embossing in all its branches, on plain or rough surfaces ; embossed plates (in both old and new methods) for staircase windows, libraries, public halls, &c.; also stained and painted glass windows (figured or ornamental), for churches, public halls, libraries, &c.; quarry and geometrical lead work (painted or plain), for ecclesiastical or domestic purposes ; richly or slightly-coloured squares, for doors, staircase windows, drawing-rooms, deck-lights, vaults, &c.; and the same are supplied with landscapes, or with flowers, fruit, or portraits introduced. Gilding and lettering for signs, advertising, and other purposes, is likewise undertaken. The specimens of stained and painted glass windows, &c., exhibited in the illustrated sheet of designs which the Company publish are truly magnificent productions, and reveal the fact that glass-staining and decorating have now arrived at the very highest state of perfection.

    Another most important branch of the business is that connected with memorial wreaths. This may be termed the Company’s speciality. They supply both the wreaths and the glass cases to cover them. The- memorials take both the form of crosses and wreaths, and the cases are made dome-shaped, in flat glass, and cross-shaped. The wreaths, &c., are made of both real and artificial, flowers, and likewise of porcelain. The Company keep permanent opal tablets for filling in the centres of wreaths, bearing appropriate mottoes. Their stock also includes ornamental flower-pots, fem-stands, &c., in rustic terra-cotta, marble wreath stands, and best French moss in bundles. The proprietor, Mr. Ritchie, is a gentleman of energy, business tact, and enterprise, and he deserves the success he has achieved.

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