The British Hat Cleaning Company

The British Hat Cleaning Company, 74, Argyle Street, (Queen Street Corner), Kean & Co., Proprietors.

    The millinery trade and the public generally have good services rendered to them by this firm, devoted to hat cleaning and renovating. It was established in Glasgow in 1872 by Mr. Hugh Kean, who is sole proprietor, and who has occupied these premises for ten years. Mr. Kean was at one time partner with Walter Wilson, of Colosseum celebrity, when the firm was known as Wilson, Kean & Co., in Jamaica Street, for the space of twelve years.

    The business at the comer of Queen Street now, however, is best known as the British Hat Cleaning Company, and the premises here are well adapted to the operations of the house. There is a showroom for ladies and one for gentlemen, with two workrooms and a blocking-room, in all of which there are over fifteen hands employed in the busy season. There is an entrance to the workroom from 74, Argyle Street. The firm is popular as a hat cleaning and renovating medium, where first-rate work can be relied upon, and the charges are exceedingly moderate. They do a large trade for milliners, in addition to the ordinary business.

    Mr. Kean is well and favourably known in this capacity, and both merits and receives substantial public recognition.

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