Brown & Co.

Brown & Co., formerly The Original Butterine Company, Chief Depot, 14, West Howard Street.

    An establishment of great distinction is that conducted by Messrs. Brown & Co. This house was founded in 1880 at the present address under the style of The Original Butterine Company, and subsequently to the passing of the new Margarine Act the designation was altered to that of Brown & Co.

    The premises of the chief depot, 14, West Howard Street, have a compact appearance, the spacious double-fronted shop being partly tiled in white enamel with handsome marble counters and shelves, and presenting an excellent street frontage. There are seventeen branch establishments throughout the city, all of which are of equal merit in point of external and internal arrangements for business purposes. The total staff employed at these depots comprise some sixty experienced assistants.

    The whole of the stocks held are of the best quality, the great speciality of the firm being the celebrated substitute for butter known as margarine, the other articles, extensively handled being hams and cheese, of which an immense quantity of the chief and best-known brands are always kept in stock in the various retail establishments and in the extensive wholesale and curing stores, Bishop Street, Anderston.

    In these three commodities the house has scored an unrivalled reputation for excellence in quality and the fairness of the quotations at which the same are offered to the public, which weighty consideration is mainly brought about by the fact that the prominent trade feature of the firm is prompt cash. The trade is of a wholesale and retail nature and very extensive, being particularly well established among the principal buyers all over the country, while the private local trade of the various depots is of a high class.

    In 1886, to meet the growing requirements of the business, a lease was acquired of the extensive premises formerly occupied as the Bishop Garden Saw Mills. These were fitted up with the most recent improvements for curing smoking all descriptions of hams and bacon, and have greatly helped the development of the business. The members of the firm are gentlemen well known and highly respected on the leading markets for their business integrity and the honourable manner in which they conduct their vast business.

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