Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown, Restaurateur, Pastry Cook, and Confectioner, 79, St. Vincent Street, and 60, Queen Street.—

    Glasgow, as well becomes a city possessed of all the characteristics of a great metropolitan community, abounds with excellent restaurants, and among such establishments for the refreshment of the “inner man” those of Mr. Daniel Brown, situate in St. Vincent Street and Queen Street, are notable and famous in the city. Mr. Brown commenced his operations as a restaurateur, pastry cook, and confectioner in October, 1846, at 60, Queen Street, and this original establishment he still most successfully conducts.

    About seventeen years ago he entered into occupation of what may be styled his headquarters now, the fine premises at 79, St. Vincent Street. These comprise a fine shop on the ground floor, with spacious dining-saloon beyond, and on the floor above a ladies’ room, with a gentlemen's room of a more private order than that downstairs. All these apartments are roomy and commodious ; the appointments in each instance are exceedingly handsome ; and the decorations, particularly those on the ceilings, have been executed in a most tasteful and artistic spirit.

    As a restaurateur, Mr. Daniel Brown is known and esteemed by every Glasgovian of an epicurean turn of mind. The daily table d’hote and dinners a la carte at “Brown’s” are gastronomic institutions, established, enduring, successful, and endowed with the favour, approval, and patronage of a goodly proportion of Glasgow’s worthy brotherhood of bons vivants. And to Mr. Daniel Brown belongs the credit of having first introduced “institutions” of this kind into the daily routine of a Glasgow restaurant. Wines, spirits, and malt liquors are stocked in perfection, and the list shows a goodly array of carefully selected and unquestionably choice old vintages, and several excellent blends of the famous whiskies of the Highlands, besides liqueurs and superior spirits of other kinds in complete assortment.

    As a confectioner and pastry cook Mr. Brown is no less well-reputed than as a restaurateur. His goods of every description are exclusively premiere classe, and his great speciality, the “Ornamental Motto Cake”, has acquired a world-wide celebrity. He was the original introducer of these cakes in Glasgow, and the first year’s sale furnished some food for reflection of a dubious character, for it amounted to exactly five cakes ! But everything must have a commencement, and the “motto cakes” had evidently only to become known to secure a vast augmentation of public favour, for in a very short period of time the yearly sale had increased to 1,400 ; and now its proportions are well defined by the word enormous.

    About twelve months ago Mr. Brown altered and improved his Queen Street premises, and, taking in the next shop, devoted them to the restaurant branch of his business, vieing with the St. Vincent Street establishment in elegance of fitting, furnishing, and general attractiveness, while the cuisine is still Brown’s. The staff employed at the two establishments numbers altogether about fifty hands, and the general business conducted is of an extensive and valuable character in all respects, an old and influential connection being very successfully maintained and continuously extended in all parts of Glasgow and its neighbourhood.

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